on guard

January 14, 2008
My company has a policy that any office above, say, 4-5 people needs a 24/7 security guard. My "developer's cubeland" suboffice I work in needs a guard even though it's just 10-15 people on a different floor of the same office building as the main, hipper office.

It seems like of silly... I know the guard is as much there for making sure laptops don't get legs as, I dunno, preventing some Die Hard-esque scene of violence and fisticuffs. Which is good, because one of the usual guards seems to be expectant. When I saw her taking her break to make some kind of personal call, I got kind of worried:
"Pregnant guard lady, you're not guarding us!"
I then realized chivalry ain't what it used to be.

Video of the Moment

--Real Life Donkey Kong, from some mercifully short-lived show on MTV or something...Still, "A" for Ambition.

Funny of the Moment
According to an fMRI of Jenkins' brain regions during the process of memory recall, his parietal lobe registers the same amount of activity when he hears the word "mother" as it does when he hears the words "Banjo Kazooie."
I think I was just impressed by the authenticity of the anecdotes. (Banjo-Kazooie was a fairly popular though now relatively obscure 3D platform game from around '97 or so.