years go widdershins

January 18, 2008
If you were to plot the year as a circle, would you put Winter at top? Would the months and seasons run clockwise or counterclockwise?

For me, counterclockwise (aka widdershins, which is a great word) I'm not sure why, though. I saw some kind of ad lately that had Winter at top, Spring at left, Summer bottom, Fall right, and it seemed totally natural to me, even though thinking logically, you might want it to shadow (heh I was going to say "mirror", which is misleading in this case, and then "reflect" which wouldn't be any better) the way a (half) day is portrayed on a clock.

In short, years go widdershins for me and I have no idea why.

Site of the Moment
One of my favorite gripes is the griping of others. (Kind of a "how tolerant can we be of intolerance" derivative, which had its apotheosis in the Onion's ACLU Defends Nazis' Right To Burn Down ACLU Headquarters)

So the #1 Google hit for "Carberry's Central Square" is a page on a site called Yelp.
Visits here always spawn the question of how mediocrity can survive for so long.
or for the nearby 1369...
Nice interior, and I'm sure the drinks are nice too. I'm here to comment about the rotten tasteless tuna salad that I had a few days ago that cost $4.50 too much, albeit costing $4.50. A sorry substitute for a light lunch, I had to go down the street to Shalimar for something decent to eat.
Latte was boring and tasted off. Like the coffee beans were rebelling against providing taste, or something. Also, ordered a quiche, and what I should have called it was a "Salt Cheese Pie".
So the negativity is irritating, but then again, I'm even skeptical when people go to the other extreme. Basically, any review of a place longer than a quote inside a Zagat's snippet is going to say more about the reviewer than the place itself.