the gimp is sleeping

January 19, 2008
I'm thankful to Kate for defending Gimp, the open source image editor, when it was totally getting on my nerves. She points out that there is a consistency to its UI approach, a kind of dogged literal-mindedness. And I know I've been a bit programmed by the way other programs work. And it scares me that I have trouble switching mental gears to get along with it.

Still... no damn excuse for not having a basic "shape" tool for making rectangles and ellipses. Seriously. Look at all these buttons! They couldn't spare one? From , from "Rectangle Select" to "Dodge/Burn", not one for making a damn square.

Kate argues that I am using the wrong tool, should use Inkscape or something, but I thought I was just doing some basic screen mockup hacking, so didn't want to get into vector-y things...