random photos

January 20, 2008

Picture to show a friend those new Eye Q sunglasses.

I made a big deal about Kermit hitting 50K, so my Scion deserves similar treatment. Despite its nickname not really sticking.

When he was but a young lad, this Stilson artwork set something racing in Evil B's youthful fevered brow, even as he espied it in a gallery while accompanied by his grandmother on his way to church. But then only sweet memories remained as it was removed from that gallery...

...evidently, because it had been purchased and brought to My Ever Lovin' Aunt Susan's place, where Evil B would be reunited with this lovely hair-brushing beauty two decades or so after the fact. Small world!

Finally, I'm not saying things tend to stick around my Aunt and Uncle's place, but I think its been a while since they've been running promotional campaigns for the movie "Gremlins"...

the odd thing is, this was just right there in their pantry along with other miscellaneous food storage bits, like foil and what not. So either they haven't been wrapping many sandwiches over the past 24 years, or this box has done a great job of hiding out.