battles on two fronts

January 30, 2008
Might be beating that cold! Of course the trouble with my shotgun approach (Airborne in a few forms, oranges, OJ, Vitamin C-based drinks, Mac and Cheese with a load of garlic instead of the cheese) means I won't know if some part of that is really the most effective, or if it's got something more to do with this particular virus, etc.

Sorry this has been such a blah week for the site.

Also, I'm a bit under attack by comment spammers. I've made one trivial change, I'm seeing how long it shakes them off, how often they re-analyze the structure of my comments page (which is either a manual process, or a very clever computer) to figure out the inputs. On the one hand, doing everything myself means I don't easily integrate into group efforts to combat these bot-wielding bastards; on the other hand, being idiosyncratic means I'm a low reward/effort ratio if they have to customize a lot of code to continue the abuse of my site.

Funny(ish) of the Moment
Carrollton Elementary School
Report Card for: Vanilla Ice
collaborating and listeningA-
cutting like ninjaB-
slicing like razor bladeB+
--based on a thought of Evil B

Quote of the Moment
It seems hard to sneak a look at God's cards.
It's then followed up by "But that He plays dice and uses 'telepathic' methods (as the present quantum theory requires of Him) is a something that I cannot believe for a single moment." which is where the famous "plays dice" quote comes from.