rubber bands of the moment

Sadly, The Museum of Useful Things at Harvard Square closed its retail location a few days ago, but they've moved some of their products into their parent space "Black Ink". And "Black Ink" luckily had this product I just can't find online: "cinch it anchor bands" (by Shepard Medical Products, but their site doesn't mention them either.)

These are, simply, rubber band with little anchors on on end. At first the idea seems silly, but they allow for this one kind of cable wrapping (shown there in the packaging) that you couldn't easily do otherwise: you loop the whole rubber band, both sides around some gathered cable, secure it with the anchors, and you have a relatively secure, easy to remove way of keeping your iPod or whatever wires from getting all tangled up.

Fantastic! I wonder why I can't find them anywhere online? I'm tempted to go start hoarding!

Quote of the Moment
Yet no scientist--no person as far as we know--has ever seen a giant squid alive [...] The indigestible parts of giant squid, in particular their beaks, accumulate in sperm whales' stomachs into the substance known as ambergris, which is used as a fixative in perfumes. The next time you spray on Chanel No. 5 (assuming you do), you may wish to reflect that you are dousing yourself in distillate of unseen sea monster.
Heh, "distillate of unseen sea monster".