tom brady and the heartbreakers

Wow, that really stunk.

4th down, 13 yards to go, in long FG range... they decide to try for first down... what? WHAT? Seriously. You have a young kicker with a solid leg; give him a chance. Or punt. Going for just showed a disrespectful overconfidence that completely killed the game for the Patriots.

What a disaster! Congratulations Giants, you did things no else did against the Patriots this year.


I'm almost wondering if playing in what is otherwise the worst division in football is hurting the Patriots; they do have at least 6 winnable games every season.

Science of the Moment
We sometimes find when we get up in the morning, by a rise of an inch in the barometer, that nearly half a ton has been quietly piled upon us during the night, but we experience no inconvenience, rather a feeling of exhilaration and buoyancy, since it requires a little less exertion to move our bodies in the denser medium.
Wyville Thomson, quoted in the Bryson book.
(Tomorrow will mark my last day of quoting from it, along with some commentary.)
Video of the Moment
--Bill the Splut posted some Raymond Scott stuff, but I gotta admit I enjoy the full-Orchestra version of "Powerhouse" more than Raymond Scott's smaller quintent.