toilet humor

Ah, brutally winter weather. Yay.

Illustration of the Moment
--Paint-covered toilet from Peter Spier's "Oh, Were They Ever Happy!" I found this book while assisting EvilB, and immediately thought about my impression of this image when I was a kid... something about it, or the paint-dripping brush atop, seemed especially lurid.

Thematically Related Anecdote of the Moment
Gas related humor warning: The other night I was composing a kisrael entry on a laptop, sitting on the floor near the couch where EvilB was folding some laundry. To my immediate horror, EvilB (inadvertently, he assures me) let one fly, and I promptly scurried to safety on the other side of living room. When I glanced back to check on the laptop, THE ENTRY WAS GONE. What is the power of this man's gaseous emissions that he might wipe out blogs ACROSS THE VERY INTERNET ITSELF?

I was duly impressed. Still am.