bodies have more fun

Sometimes I feel like I'm weirdly snobbish about reading books over magazines... there's definitely a hierarchy, like how I do record the books I read and movies I watch over the course of a year but not magazines, and I'm not sure that's justified. There are smart magazines, just like there are dumb books. And magazines put you more in touch with your time.

I keep thinking about that old line "Time: the magazine for people who can't think, and Life: the magazine for people who can't read."

Mashup of the Moment

--James Brown & Pavarotti??? Wow. Thought I heard about that on Morning Edition this morning but wasn't quite sure if it was just something from a dream... James Brown has a pretty amazing voice.

Quote of the Moment
Human beings are divided into mind and body. The mind embraces all the nobler apparitions, like poetry and philosophy. But, the body has all the fun.
Woody Allen, "Love and Death".
The top-of-the-page-quote for the Valentine's version of the Blender of Love, which I finally got done last night. The thing is I don't really agree with the sentiment, I think the mind is plenty entertaining and entertainable itself.