goats gruff

Anyone catch the lunar eclipse last night? I only saw a bit of it on its way out. It's cool how you can suddenly kind of get a better model of the solar system in your head, mentally lining up the sun, earth, and moon, and internalize the whole clockwork wonder of it all.

Reading of the Moment
It was Homaira and me against the world. And I'll tell you this, Amir jan: In the end, the world always wins. That's just the way of things.
Rahim Khan in "The Kite Runner".
Just read that, a good read. Tough to get through; not so much because of the infamous rape scene, but because of how the main character fails to stand up for his friend, and then in his shame rejects his friend's absolute loyalty.

Article of the Moment
I liked hearing about this guy and his goats; "My three goats won't stop jeering me, and I love them for it."