hour of power

March 10, 2008
Seriously, giving us more Daylight Savings Time is like my favorite act of Congress this past decade.

Invention of the Moment
Horeseradish-based fire alarm, designed for the hearing impaired. Brilliant idea! I wonder how they sound the "all-clear" to get rid of the smell, though. (via bb)

Video of the Moment

A classic. Check out the older muppet versions in the related links selection... actually this came from a bb post with the new machinima "ROFLMAO" version.

I never quite realized that "Mahna Mahna" is two identical words, since the usual emphasis scheme makes it sound more like pheNOMena.

Wikipedia says that backup singers are the "snowths". Random geek culture wise, they remind me an awful lot of Birdo, arguably videogaming's first transsexual character.