creep creep

Sigh, I hate when this becomes a what-I-had-for-lunch-blog but man, the Park Square building has like the sketchiestly managed Subway ever.

I used to get ticked when I'd order a cheese pizza there and they'd charge me 50 cents for adding tomato slices to it; it wasn't the money, but the principal of the meaning of a sign that says "Cheese Pizza $3.50 (Choice of Veggie)". Tomato isn't a veggie? What? Today I noticed they blanked out the "Choice of Veggie" which is fine, at least they have a policy, even if most places charge less for veggies than they do for meat.

But now the wacky thing is now they have big signs saying "All Footlong Subs, $5 or less!" and some "Some Limitations Apply" in small print. Then there's a small sign inside that says it doesn't include steak, pastrami, etc -- as far as I can tell, all the subs that cost more than $5. So I guess the meaning of the sign is "We have a lot of subs that cost around $5, give or take!"

Dream of the Moment
...last night I had a dream about food. I was the only person hired for the busy grand opening of a self-serve gas station/gourmet food shop named "Squobo!" While I ran register, the owner gave out free samples of Squobo! Soup. Everyone grimaced in disgust at the taste, but since they were told that it was gourmet, they all pretended that they liked it and bought it by the gallon.

After closing, I took the day's profits to the owner, and discovered that the soup was fishtank water, cloudy with live mosquito larvae. The owner explained what "Squobo" meant. "I bought the tank from a squalid hobo!" he laughed as he counted his cash.

I was glad that it had been too busy for me to try the soup.
Man I wish my dreams were so detailed and dream-logical!

Freakiness of the Moment

--Real life Homer and Mario, via Pixeloo. They also have an animated GIF of Homer showing the cartoon model sliding into this creation.