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So last night I bought a new laptop, cheapest new one I could find with a DVD, wifi, and fullsize keyboard.

It came with Vista... I'm already suspicious about this OS, and the screen after first logging in didn't really reassure me:

So many little fiddly bits and doodahs and messages and oversized icons and shiny crap over a tacky background (ok that last one was maybe a little my fault)... it's like a digital clown exploded.

At least the physical laptop (Acer "Aspire" - geez, what an irritating model name, with the implication that if you were really good you'd be getting a better model) refrains from sporting those damn super bright blue LEDs that will light up a room.

Really dumb note...

has the E line always been called "Arborway", I mean over the last decade, since they started making Heath Street the final stop? (That link from this interesting but possibly out of date page of articles on the historical MBTA)

Anyway, finally, a prettily colored if compositionally flawed shot from Back Bay, I M Pei's Hancock tower peeking out over an older building:

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Walmart spreading like a virus, 1962-2007.

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Money is not important.
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