poplocking for freedom

So, one thing I noted about Josh and Tomomi's life with lil' Erin in a small Japanese apartment was the attention to daily (and nightly) routine. Stuff like wiping moisture off the windows (to prevent mold etc), folding up the tatami futons ("Thank You and OK!" had one character using the other character's failure to do so a a sign of moral failure and general depravity; Josh said at one point in his life he was failing to do so, 'til his friends asked "err, what's this discoloration on the bottom of your futon?"), general tidying of up, etc. It reminded me a bit of Zen ritual.

Maybe that's overstating the case, it's just a coping strategy for a small pace, and Josh might be a neat guy on his own, but still.

I guess what I lack is a sense of dissatisfaction when things aren't put right before bed. If I could get that I'd be a neater person. I wonder if I can somehow leverage moving into a smaller place (hopefully with significantly less clutter) to get myself to change in that regard.

In some ways this is yet another instantiation of "not enough time"; it would be better to always make sure all the daily laundry was carefully sorted in terms of wear again v. laundry, to make sure that all half completed projects were put away, to not let there be any mail I angst-fully set aside to get at later, but it's so tempting at night to drop into bed, in part because I'd prefer to stay up too late and extract the maximum value from a day.

Video of the Moment

--"Run DMZ"! North vs South Korea in a dancing duel! Though I wonder if South Koreans appreciate the implication that George Bush is to South Korea what Kim Jong-il is to the North.

Quote of the Moment
The other day I had an experience so startling and unexpected that it made me spill a soft drink down my shirt. (Though, having said that, I don't actually need an unexpected event to achieve this. All I need is a soft drink.)