bank shot

Any recommendations for a local bank?

I've been using AmEx online banking for a long while, something Mo set up years and years ago. It's ok, I kind of dig not having to look for a specific brand of ATM (though it took me a while to realize that the ATM reimbursement was capped at $6 monthly) but I just realized some of the checks I sent in for deposit via mail didn't get there. I didn't make enough records before I sent, so I think it's time to look for a bank with a physical presence.

I think there's a Bank of America ATM around the corner from where I'll be moving to, so that's one obvious candidate. I just want a bank with a minimum amount of nickel and diming, plentiful ATMs, and where I can set up my bill paying electronically... suggestions?

(For the meanwhile I have a Watertown Savings Bank account, but they're not going to be convenient for me once I move.)

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360° Immersion Video amazing. I've seen the technique for still photos but never like this.

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The hippies had in mind something they wanted, and were calling it "freedom," but in the final analysis "freedom" is purely a negative goal. It just says something is bad. Hippies weren't really offering any alternatives other than colorful short-term ones, and some of those were looking more and more like pure degeneracy. Degeneracy can be fun but it's hard to keep up as a serious lifetime occupation.