dewdrop world

So one concept I've seen floating around the memepool is that the Iraq war and tax cuts are being paid for by an increase in the money supply, hence, inflation. (And of course there's that weird way food and energy don't get counted in many types of inflation figures. Just 'cause the price of something fluctuates doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to see a general upward trend!)

I hope the Democrats spin this and hammer on "Bush's Dirty Stealth Inflation Tax" in much the same way the Republicans got a fairly standard tax on inheritance called "The Death Tax" and "Double Taxation".

Haiku of the Moment
The world of dew
Is a world of dew, and yet
And yet...
Kobayashi Issa, written after the death of his child.
This was my favorite translation, by Donald Keene. Other translations helped me understand it though: "Life is but the morning dew, bards say; / 'Tis true, indeed, but well-a-day!", "The world of dew is, yes, a world of dew, but even so" and "this world / is a dewdrop world / yes... but..."

That last translation is from's Issa website that has some cool features and commentary.

Still a bit worried about all the haiku-abuse in this country!

Quote of the Moment
"I didn't realize I owned so much Cold Play."
Jo is a new boardgaming friend who along with Scott and Rhys hosted a great fun gaming event with tasty chicken over rice. (She tried to defend herself by saying that she imported a large amount of music from a friend, so an iPodish sampling should not be considered canonical viz a viz her tastes in music. But most of it sounded pretty good at that.)