zen fail

I think I might be misunderestimating this whole getting ready to move thing a bit.

I try and think of it terms of Zen Detachment; I should not have a sense of connectedness with so many of these objects. I feel like taking a photo of my half completed efforts just to captain it "ZEN FAIL", but that's not particularly funny.

I've made some progress, and had a few times when I've been proud of my ability to let go, but there's a lot left over. I was going to say that it feels like "objects that have been a part of my history" should get more consideration than "objects I mean to get around to using some day", but who knows. Probably the proper Zen outlook would treat the past and the future about the same.

Such a Zen Dabbler. If I ain't sitting zazen, I don't think it has any choice of being Zen, but still I admire the outlook as filtered through California et al.

Old Chestnut of the Moment
"The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers"
from Shakespeare's Henry V.
So, some people enjoy this as general anti-lawyer sentiment. But for a long time I had the idea that no, it's spoken by a character plotting revolution, and underscores the need for a good legal system in a fair society. Turns out that second interpretation is something of a lawyer's trick, it really is a bit of anti-lawyer jokery as the characters think about how to remake paradise on earth.

Dog of the Moment
--Remembering Laika, first earth creature in space, shown here along with a Russian doggy spacesuit of the time.