zen fail

April 13, 2008
I think I might be misunderestimating this whole getting ready to move thing a bit.

I try and think of it terms of Zen Detachment; I should not have a sense of connectedness with so many of these objects. I feel like taking a photo of my half completed efforts just to captain it "ZEN FAIL", but that's not particularly funny.

I've made some progress, and had a few times when I've been proud of my ability to let go, but there's a lot left over. I was going to say that it feels like "objects that have been a part of my history" should get more consideration than "objects I mean to get around to using some day", but who knows. Probably the proper Zen outlook would treat the past and the future about the same.

Such a Zen Dabbler. If I ain't sitting zazen, I don't think it has any choice of being Zen, but still I admire the outlook as filtered through California et al.

Old Chestnut of the Moment
"The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers"
--from Shakespeare's Henry V.
So, some people enjoy this as general anti-lawyer sentiment. But for a long time I had the idea that no, it's spoken by a character plotting revolution, and underscores the need for a good legal system in a fair society. Turns out that second interpretation is something of a lawyer's trick, it really is a bit of anti-lawyer jokery as the characters think about how to remake paradise on earth.

Dog of the Moment
--Remembering Laika, first earth creature in space, shown here along with a Russian doggy spacesuit of the time.