muppets raw and uncensored!!!

I'm surprised stitches are still the primary way of keeping skin together so it can heal. It seems pretty barbaric, especially with that big curved needle. Kind of Frankensteinish.

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Muppet Family Christmas
This is the Uncut Version!
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Given that I tend to think of "Uncut" (like "Directors Edition") as code for "maybe with a little more skin", this Google Ad took me a bit by surprise.

Quote of the Moment
Never mind that many of [my computer's 102] keys duplicate the functions of other keys, while others apparently do nothing at all (my favorite in this respect is one marked "Pause" which when pressed does absolutely nothing, raising the interesting metaphysical question of whether it is therefore doing its job)
Bill Bryson, I'm a Stranger Here Myself

Link of the Moment
The misadventures of driving naked in Texas. (via Bill)