i'm stuck on band-aid brand adhesive bandages, because band-aid brand adhesive bandages are stuck on me

Had some stitches on my leg that are coming out Monday.

One lesson learned from that: do NOT bother with CVS store-brand band-aids, they just don't stick for crap.

For a while I bought into the idea that store brands were around as good, that whole "maybe it's actually manufactured by the same folks and just rebadged" but no... at least sometimes it's truly inferior.

In these times when people are thinking a bit more frugally, any other thoughts on store-brands?

Snark of the Moment
Crayons can teach us a good lesson... ...they're different colors, have strange names, but all learn to live together in the same box.
Grandmother on Family Circus
"Also, powerful forces beyond your control will use you for their own ends, constantly rubbing you down until you're a worn-out nub, and then will throw you in the trash. So, what I'm trying to say is, somebody go get grandma some more gin."

Design of the Moment
--Weird, I thought I posted this yesterday... making the rounds it's a big old logo design FAIL from the UK's Office of Government Commerce...