burma shorn

May 9, 2008
So, wrapped up in my own little world at work, and going down memory lane with Sportsman's Guide, I feel remiss for not thinking about the tragedy of Burma more than I have been. The toll there is orders of magnitude worse than say, Katrina, and make my personal problems seem like quantum noise in comparison.

In other news. It's tough not to be charmed by tales of Dale Davis, the 115lb, 78 year old blind bowler who just rolled a perfect game of bowling (more details and photos here, at a local paper that clearly has no idea about permalinks.) I guess bowling can be all about muscle memory! The details in that second link are lovely.

Quote of the Moment
"You're leaving college now, and going out into real life. And you have to realize that real life is not like college. Real life is like high school."
--Meryl Streep to a graduating class at Vassar

"I got a YOGA BILL like a MOTHERFUCKER!"-GTAIV radio