May 11, 2008
Oy. A Sunday I kind of set aside for Stuff I've Been Meaning To Get Around To... Pay bills! Work on packing! Shared "what are you reading?" sidebar! Patch up that Java game engine! Catch up on correspondence!

Where to begin?

Why, reading TV Tropes of course.

Yesterday was Miller's annual-ish Grunt Hunt puzzle event at the Cambridgeside Galleria. My team came in third out of six or seven, not bad considering 3 of us were newbies and the fourth was me -- I don't have a terrific mind for puzzles.

Defacement of the Moment
--Joe D makes money better, or at least funnier.

Anecdote of the Moment
Sir Laurence Olivier is on tour reading the sonnets of Shakespeare. The house is hushed. He begins: "Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments--"

A guy stands up in the back row of the last balcony and hollers, "HEY, LARRY OLIVER! SING 'MALAGUENA'!"

Unaccustomed as he is to being heckled, let alone heckled nonsensically, Sir Laurence stops. Waits a moment. Begins again:

"Let me not to the marriage of true minds--"

"HEY, LARRY OLIVER!" cries the guy in the back. It is clear he is drunk. "SING 'MALAGUENA'!"

It's not as though Olivier has any need, generally, to have a squelch prepared. Rather than dignify this guy with a response, he pauses again, pointedly, and then, again, begins:

"Let me not to the marriage--"

"HEY!" the guy screams, "LARRY OLIVER! SING 'MALAGUENA'!"

Olivier can no longer rise above this. "Sir," he says, and the richness of his voice is to the coarseness of the heckler's as Armagnac is to Mountain Dew, "in the first place, my name..." He hates to have to say this. "...is not 'Oliver,' it is Olivier. In the second place, and more important, I am not here to sing. I am here to read certain sonnets by William Shakespeare.

"And in the third place..." Somehow he can't forbear to make this point as well. "...'Malaguena' is an instrumental. I couldn't sing it if I wanted to. So, if you don't mind, 'Let me not--'"

And the guys stands up and hollers, "WELL, SHOW US YOUR DICK THEN!"

as related by Roy Blount, Jr. in "Be Sweet"

pentomino I thought you said "back from brunch with Mom. mom crepes". Creepy!
young (and cute) Mediterranean-ish gal at the local coffee house calls guys "love" and "darling". Bet I'm not the only guy tipping her well.
procrastination as a competitive sport. No one would get around to telling people not to make the "but they never get to start it!" joke(s)
I prefer sunglasses but sometimes worry I'm not absorbing spring and summer