no news is good news

Moods and focus are such funny things. Our perceptions so dictate our reality. Not in a mind over matter kind of way, but our subjective realities. Isolated events provide the coloring for our whole world models.

It might be asymmetrical, weight towards the negative; bad news does more coloring than good. Or maybe... Murphy's Law-derived ideas, like how there's no situation so bad that it can't get worse, seems to mean that most news is bad news. Happy status quos aren't news; good things usually have to build gradually and slowly. No wonder Confucianism-based cultures have such disdain for change! It takes a long while for change to show its positive side.

Like Hamlet said, "for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so" which is a complete crock, but still most of our lives will be spent failing to appreciate our good condition, combined with worrying that doom and gloom is right around the corner. (And sometime it may well be, that's the trouble of it!)

Ramble, ramble, ramble.

Quote of the Moment
I laminate things that don't really need to be laminated.
Micaela Blei, Third Grade Teacher, on how she Procrastinates
Via this Slate gadget showing procrastination across professions

Link of the Moment
This guy is flying over the Swiss Alps on what is essentially a tiny jet-powered glider. He's like a superhero in training!
do cable providers deliberately sprinkle your paid for channels among the blanks to be annoying and get you to buy more?
niko in gta iv has a count of miles driven, walked, people shot, etc. i'd like the same for my life,+ stuff like lines of code written, etc