future selfish

So, people who come back here on a regular basis, how do you keep track of your regular links? Like do you just tend to type in the name or do you have a pile of bookmarks in the browser or elsewhere?

Quote of the Moment
Debt is your future self sending you money back in time. So the question is, are you and your future self both happy with the deal?
Tim Harford
He's talking on NPR in part how as a student economist, he over-scrimped and saved, and kind of wishes he could undo that.

As I've previously mentioned, I like the idea of a distinct "future self", related but not quite the same as who I am now.

Turns out Tim Harford also runs an interesting Undercover Economist blog with this bit of career advice:
Economist Andrew Oswald believes we work too hard and under-invest in friendships. So if my career advice is depressing, ignore it and talk to your friends instead.
We gotta watch out for that!

Doodle of the Moment

I was happy with my heart cellphone for May's edition of the Blender of Love -- this is the full size version.

Popcorn is a miracle, a little pebble waiting to burst into a blossom of carb...