May 17, 2008
Busy in Rockport. Luckily I have noise canceling headphones if I need to do any of the dreaded scraping of paint, so I should feel less like I'm having steel wool dragged across my spinal column.

Photos of the Moment
Today's theme, random things around Boston.

Miller ran a very excellent grunthunt puzzle contest, and my team with Sarah and two other newbies (though our other two newbies were really, really good at puzzles) did ok, third out of seven. Here's a play-doh castle Sarah made for one of the challenges, note the drawbridge to the left and the dragon peeking around the moat in the back.

I was surprised to see one of Boston's duckboats at a normal filling station. I'm not sure what I expected them to use, maybe have their own at the duckboathouse or something, but still...

It's hard to see but the inscription on top of Wendell Phillips monument here says "Whether in Chains or in Laurels / Liberty Knows Nothing But Victories"
Not to oversnark, but like "they can take our lives but they can never take away our freedom!" this doesn't seem to be the most clearheaded slogan out there.

Finally, Boston finally got its own Mac store, the pilgramage to the Cambridgeside Galleria is no longer needed. Here it is the opening evening:
People were around the blocks, and then cheers and high fives all around as groups got let in. Didn't stick around enough to see if there was much great schwag.