cancer in the news

May 21, 2008
So cancer has been in the Boston news lately.

The first story was Jon "Cancer Survivor" Lester pitching a no-hitter. Even though it was against the lowly Royals, it's a rare event and a terrific thing for any major league pitcher to have done.

The second, and much less happy, story is Ted Kennedy and the diagnosis of brain cancer. I have to assume Massachusetts has been taking him for granted for a long while. He's been our Senator for 46 years! I've been admiring him more now that there are so many stories about his ability to forge cross-party alliances.

You just want to rail against cancer as an entity. Damn greedy cells, too dumb not to reproduce and reproduce and reproduce, winning some little localized darwinian struggle even at the cost of their own group's ultimate longevity. When your host dies you die too, dumbass cancer!

Quote of the Moment
When you take over a pitch and line it somewhere, it's like you've thought of something and put it with beautiful clarity. Everyone is helpless and in awe. Included in your ability are your philosophies, your theories. You tap that mental reservoir and it goes.
Reggie Jackson to Roy Blount Jr

Video of the Moment

--Amy Walker does 21 Accents. Guess this was making the rounds a while back... some people pick on it but I think it's an impressive tour-de-force. Strangely captivating, and a little creepy, kind of a "master of disguise" effect... it makes me think of how I find women with different accents inherently a bit more attractive than women who share my own East coast mush.