four year cycles

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May 22, 2008
I'm kind of between worlds right now, mostly moved and staying in Boston, but with a lot of stuff, including my car, in Arlington. I went back there Tuesday night for my UU group, and to stop by the post office, and girly man that I am I had a quick crying spell. I'm gonna miss the place, the apartment really was so well placed, Arlington center with Gail's coffee shop, bookstore, CVS, crafts place, Starbucks, bike trail, access to Cambridge, a smattering of local retail and a ton of fun restaurants...

(Don't get me wrong, Roxbury Crossing is great as well, with a terrific local pub, supermarket, restaurants, the Green Line, MFA down the street, in shouting distance of JP, etc...)

I don't know if I was sad about what I did there in Arlington (and am putting aside), or what I didn't do there, the usual big questions about if I'm as happy with the state of my life as I usually think I am.

I gotta be amused at the way my life still seems to be following four year cycles; high school 88-92, college 92-96, the real world and the dot com boom 96-00 (and going out with Mo half of that, 98-00), 00-04 the rise and fall of a marriage, and now winding up 04-08, heading to Boston proper and starting as some kind of freshman yet again.

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used to have nightmare visions of boston nuked away; good thing i got over that now that i'm living and working here!