i own a hundred pairs of STRETCH SOCKS

Urk. Looks like at least for the time being my room arrangement options are constrained by the difficulty (or, Evil B claims, mathematical impossibility) of getting the love set into the back room via either of the two hallways. Drat and blast, I was really leaning towards the backroom as livingroom but now I'd have to be acquiring new furniture of fairly specific movable dimensions.

Thank goodness the Celtics won in Detroit last night, otherwise this "Boston teams can't win away games" meme would really be picking up some legs. Even now it seems pretty bizare.

Funny of the Moment

--via Bill the Splut, who claims to have been laughing his ass off to that punchline for 40 years.

Video of the Moment
In the news today... absolutely nothing.

2 year old catherine calls all hatchbacks "kirky cars". she knows car types more than colors! weird.
"autobots wage their battles to destroy the evil forces of ... the decepticons." that sounds preemptive! who is the aggressor here?