the tragedy of the three day weekend

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May 26, 2008
Three day weekends are so funny.

Monday is all like "wow... I should be at work! Woo!"

Then Tuesday arrives, and it wants to be like a Sunday. But it's not. Back to the grindstone.

At least you have the comfort of a four day work week.

Photos of the Week Or So
My original napkin sketches of room layouts (Hi Tiffany!) -- alas, didn't take into account my current problem of "you can't get [your loveseat] the-ahr from he-ahr"

At work, there is a man half in the ceiling. I found this amusing for some reason.

Why was there like ten NYC cabs and liveries in Arlington? There a long way from home!

Saturday in Rockport, MamaB and BabyB...

But life in Rockport isn't all flowers and smiles. Sometimes there's some serious lying about in cars with your boots on to be done.

Finally, just today: "How do you get to Symphony Hall?" "Practice, son, practice-- or just walk over there, between those trees, you big dummy."
I was walking around with JZ and his folks -- Memorial Day is his birthday this year. It's funny to get the reminder that I live and work in a tourism-worthy place.

3 day weekend paradox: monday: "ha ha i'm not in work, wow!" tuesday: "damn it it feels like sunday". at least it's just a 4 day week.