on monday we begin again

June 2, 2008
Last night I was hanging at Francesca's in Back Bay with JZ and his neighbor Marianne who is currently fighting breast cancer. She's currently working on wringing the most enjoyment from her days before radiation treatments knock her out for a while.

It was interesting hearing about her life philosophy. She's 50, twice as old as JZ and about 15 years on me. Up until a few years ago she was a self-proclaimed workaholic. In general, she and JZ seem to have some things in common, a certain competitive drive that I lack. They're both athletic go-getters and I'm more careful about picking my battles, redefining what games are worth playing to optimize for low-hanging fruit.

Quite a way to end a weekend. I'm almost at risk for taking for granted that she's going to beat this thing no problem.

Tower of the Moment
--Excerpt from Goon Tower, a collaborative effort from the somethingawful.com users.

Quote of the Moment
"Children are wired for sound, but print is an optional accessory that must be painstakingly bolted on."
--Steven Pinker, on communication and child development.

"what time is it?" "half past" "half past what?" "I dunno, the little hand on my watch broke" --two guys in the brig, "anything goes"
summertime in boston and that difficult to shake feeling like you can't appreciate it ENOUGH. (not that I'm trying all that hard)