there be dragons

So Miller, my former housemate, is looking for a new housemate. $500+utils gets you a good sized bedroom (the other rooms are furnished already for the most part) and offstreet parking in a great neighborhood, Arlington Center (Starbucks and a bookstore down the street, a ton of fantastic restaurants on the block, within shouting distance of Spy Pond and the Minute Man Bike Trail) which is also pretty damn near Cambridge/Somerville etc.

Camera Gimmickry of the Moment
It's surprising what goofy digital fun you can have even without photoshop, with some of the color modes of a Canon point and shoot...
Color Accent. You know, I was kind of poo-pooing black and white digital photography, since I know b+w film has better dynamic properties than color film, but I figured b+w photos are just the color version minus the color information. But this photo I took in that portrait class makes me reconsider; maybe some of the appeal of black and white is letting the eye see the subject differently, free to examine texture and light and shadow without the "distraction" of color.

Color Swap. JZ getting ready for his Blue Man Group audition. Or maybe he just really likes the smurfs.

Quote of the Moment
Fairy tales do not tell children the dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed.
G. K. Chesterton

Chewing gum on the sidewalk should be a jailable offense. Singapore went too far with an outright ban, but I say Bring On The Canes-- grrr.
yow, just carried $310 worth of coins to coinstar... no fee amazon gifts certs ahoy!
The corner packie (booze store, for you non-NEers) sells individual ping pong balls -- must be for your beerpong playing convenience!