there's no color the sky can't be at any given time

June 13, 2008
Straggled through to another Friday! Hooray!

Analysis of the Moment
Permanent Monday is uncanny. Although it now seems to be defunct-ish, it was some very detailed, almost scholarly analysis of the daily Garfield strop. The weird but is the analysis isn't just there to just mock the strip, but rather seems to acknowledge its strengths and weaknesses and the craftsmanship that goes into making it. I think I might have to read the whole archive of this!

Video of the Moment

I liked this song when I heard it on Shatner's "Has Been". Then I found out that it was a cover, not something Shatner had penned, so I liked it less. The I found this juxtaposition and I like it more, though maybe not as much as when I thought Shatner had written it.

Quote of the Moment
Sad, sober friend: I just really miss her, I guess.
Drunk friend: There's no color the sky can't be at any given time. Remember that!

what good are subsidized 25 cent cans of soda without an intern to go downstairs and bring them to me?
Sudden meetings at work are less scary in some ways 'cause my move to Boston is probably the same as a "hunker down" move would be.
(meeting ended up not being scary, just my old hands off manager moving to another group, and a new hire manager who I'll report to)