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The bad: my iPhone developed a "dead strip", an area of the screen (bottom half of the top half) that wasn't responding to touch.

The worse: this happened a year to the day from my purchase of it, and I thought I read something about a year warranty.

The good: the Apple Store was happy to give me a new one!

The better: I was expecting that only stuff that synched with other programs would be saved, but when I hooked the new device up to my PC, all of my old settings got restored, memos, links, histories, etc etc!

The note of caution: I guess this kind of a known problem with iPhones, and I'm vaguely nervous about the iPod Touch Josh, who is now in Japan, got when he was here on my recommendation. Ah well... we can burn that bridge when we come to it!

Observation of the Moment
The fly swatter is in fact intended to be useless, at least as far as the destruction of flies is concerned. It is not intended to kill flies. Instead it embodies a gesture of protest, of refusal. Of irritation. It says that this should not be, that this buzzing and droning is pointless. That these creatures are objectionable, insalubrious and stupid. That one must refuse them any quarter, shoo them away. It yells at them that there will no mercy, that they will all end up squashed, flattened, obliterated, without exceptions. Clearly, it has no intention of putting an end to a single one of them. But it flaps and creates a wind, so that they will remove themselves for ever. Which no doubt occasionally happens.

The fly swatter is not a utilitarian object, at least not primarily so. It is pure gesture, nothing more.
Roger-Pol Droit, from "How Are Things".
Like "Still Life With Woodpecker" or "The Mezzanine", thoughts about inanimate objects, whether or not they're able to return the favor. The structure of this book reminded me a bit of "Einstein's Dreams", but also had a rather unfortunate French feel at times.

pentomino heh, I was tempted by the "full price" version at Brookstone. Though at least try the other; maybe QA is variable, not just bad?
Too bad that "Just Do It" is such a bit of corporate speak, it's not a bad mandate for real life. One coworker had "JFDI" over his monitor.
I've used "What Are You Waiting For?" as a non-Nike version of "Just Do It"; it's a bit deeper but less pointed.
madonna/a-rod? sheesh. you KNOW she's thinking monroe/dimaggio...