how does it smell? terrible!

Driving down to Virgina tonight to help mama mia move.

Article of the Moment
Slate's Elizabeth Zierah writing on anosmia, losing your sense of smell. My dad suffered from this when he was hit with spinal meningitis. His first, guy-with-his-RN-degree diagnosis? "When you are struck with spinal meningitis, your farts don't smell!"

The article makes me realize how much I take it for granted, appreciate the ambient tapestry of scents that really form the backdrop of our lives. And the article mentioned how scary it is not to be able to do your own personal "sniff test"... maybe you're reeking but it's really hard to know. (They should sell some kind of gadget...)

Smell is funny, though... nebulous. Our vocabulary for scents is relatively limited, and while a scent can be enormously evocative it's often tough to pin down the pieces-parts of it.

Logo of a Past Moment
--Old Logo for my current employer NOKIA! Love it.

Bleh. Taking some photographic composition courses makes me look at some of my older snapshots with a harsher eye.
IRS just sent me a notice for an upcoming check for $79.10. GWB, color me under-stimulated.