nuthin' like that 1:30AM baseball

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Stayed up (well, mostly) through all 15 innings of the All-Star game. Kind of crazy to see that, almost every extra inning had a feeling like "this could be it!", including the bases loaded a few different times. Red Sox coach Francona, heading up the AL, was about out of pitchers, and was determined not to overuse Scott Kazmir who had recently pitched a long game for close divisional rivals Tampa Bay... After him? "There was nobody else," [Francona] said. "Maybe (Tampa Bay Rays third baseman Evan) Longoria. He's got a good curveball."

Video of the Moment

--JZ sent me this (err, vaguely PG13ish) video: Sales Guy vs Web Dude. It gets so many delicious details right, from the sneaky passing of blame to random pressure tactics and overall idiocy... favorite line: "There's no way to go back. You can't arrange them by penis."

Link of the Moment
Weirdly compelling, the last 50 photos posted to LJ. Nice eclectic variety...
Sports radio guys can't stop talking about how much home run derbies suck. Pshaw!
My fear and loathing of tv commercials for prescription medicine is almost balanced by the ridiculous and often embarrassing disclaimers.
Wow. A bad call at 2nd base (a tag that wasn't) in the bottom of the 11th may be the game decider. Baseball needs frickin' replays.
Surprised that no one knows exactly how the "Rebel Yell" of the US Civil War sounded. No one thought to ask before all the vets died?