he's a brainiac, brainiac, on the flo-o-or

One final note on Hawkins' "On Intelligence"... he describes the neocortex as being a 6 or so level hierarchy of neurons, with each layer providing another level of abstraction and pattern recognition.

This reminded me of the description of Superman's foe Brainiac as possessing a "12th level intellect". That would make total sense in this model, 6 more levels of neurons (or whatever) could grant him superhuman abilities to analyze, pick out patterns, etc etc. (Of course the blinking lights attached to head probably help as well.)

It's a minor "life imitating art" moment, like how Star Trek's computers draining enough power to dim the lights seemed like silly fiction to me when I was comparing it to my Commodore 64, which seemed to operate at a steady state, but now I'm all too aware that running computationally expensive things like movies and fancy games on modern laptops and smartphones will drain battery life and make things run hotter.
Money comes and money goes. The days just go.
"J sub D" quoting some young punk on Carpe Dieming...
sure, it's a bit of the folly of youth, and money doesn't generally arrive unless asked, but it's a good point.
I feel... I dunno, malleable? After reading the Hawkins book on the mind maybe. F Scott Fitzgerald Tender is the Night is great or terrible
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