we can't help but sing

The other month on loveblender.com Marshall Hann (Blessed32) wrote a work called Purgatory starting
I am supine,
staring at the sky
thinking that
existence is so fragile;
We are all born
to find a way out
of what we'll do
for the rest of our lives
We are all
so lost,
yet still,
we can't help but sing
I picked it for the front page, quoting the final line. The author asked why I liked it so much and my answer was:
Well, fundamentally, I just love the sentiment that yeah, life is a challenge and a struggle so much of the time, but even then, there is an imperative to rejoice just the unimaginable privilege of being alive, and the added blessing of being aware of being alive, of the universe and our place in it.
Just mentioning it here because I think it's a good thing to remember, and well put here.

A little more often than usual lately I've had that "Is This All There Is?" feeling going to bed, how weird it is to be alive, how weird it is that it ain't no how permanent.

There is always a sadness in the echoes of an emptied apartment.