cheesequake! run for your lives!

August 2, 2008
In Jersey for a family reunion.

Trying to figure out why the Cheesequake (great name; I always read it as some sort of dairy-based seismic event) service area was so bustling with high schoolers or young college students at 11:30PM. Admittedly a Friday night, but still.

Passage of the Moment
"Besides, yesterday was my birthday--I was eighteen."
"Why didn't you tell us?" they said indignantly.
"I knew you'd make a fuss over it and go to a lot of trouble." She finished the champagne. "So this is the celebration."
"It most certainly is not," Dick assured her, "The dinner tomorrow night is your birthday and don't forget it. Eighteen--why that's a terribly important age."
"I used to think until you're eighteen nothing matters," said Mary.
"That's right," Abe agreed. "And afterward it's the same way."
from "Tender is the Night," F. Scott Fitzgerald.
I was hoping for another Great Gatsby but so far it's not it. Though I didn't "get" Gatsby when I first read cliffnoted it in high school... I figure you have to be through at least one heartbreak to understand it. I'm not sure what I'd have to be through to get this book...
"we do not remember days we remember moments" - seen in a McDs in CT... trite but true
"a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down" - not a good slogan for diabetics.