the art of war

August 5, 2008
A while back I wrote about my ideal ToDo app and I have to say, Appigo's ToDo comes pretty darn close, with great support for categories, a neat summary Outlook-like view, a section for showing completed tasks (which I always find rewarding) and most notably great support for recurring tasks.

It doesn't do "date done" or "subtasks" or a few other details, but it really gets all the important stuff- the recurring events alone probably makes it worth the small $10 fee, relative to the free stuff. Plus it has some nice touches, like a goofy-but-satisfying selection of a strikeout for completed things (ranging from a simple line, to color footprints or treadmarks, to a big red inkstamp-y DONE) and a count of items due today on the main app menu.

Map of the Moment

--from Dogs of War, a collection of WWI anthropomorphic(and caninepomorphic) maps of Europe about to go to war. I love the Escher-like quality of this one by Louis Raemaekers, it's less cluttered and free-er in terms of boundaries than most of the others. Plus, that leaping highlander for the British Isles is pretty great.

Quote of the Moment
"If we really want world peace -- we should put up mountain ranges and oceans between everyone. Start digging the trenches, use the dirt for the mountains."
--Steve Katz, a coworker of mine at Nokia. Nice tie in to that map!

Starbucks coffee cup: "Careful, the beverage you're about to enjoy is extremely hot."--then I'm not gonna enjoy it! (Hence, iced coffee)
Dear makers of the Tide Pen: I'm going back to frickin' shout wipes 'til you figure out how to make a cap that stays on in a pen bag. Ciao.
Breathing is sexy, and not just in a "not breathing is not sexy" kind of way.