August 6, 2008
The air has been nice and cool as of late. Could summer already be stumbling to a thunderstormy close?

I'm fine going up shorts, but I'm already dreading going back to socks and shoes, and I'm probably going to hold out 'til October or later for that.

Video of the Moment

--Yes. I am a giant goof. Also, weirdly gangly, or something. Taken while on break from cleaning out EB's old apartment, and we had some criminal bubble wrap that deserved to die. Can you tell I'm trying to stamp out "Carmen"?

I cut out the second part of this video, which was all taken with the camera sideways. Hint: there aren't many tools for rotating video 90 degrees, nor video players that really like the format.

Link of the Moment
Slate on The Ten Oddest Travel Guides Ever Published. The Nazi-era guide to occupied Poland is especially creepy.
Watching Clockwork Orange; my third or so time, JZ's first. Odd how the horrible scenes kind of wipe out the memories of the other ones.
"Eternal Mario Sunshine" is the best Diesel Sweeties title ever.
Googling "sin python" (the math function in the computer language) as an "image" search rather than "web" at work was not my best idea.