WAR!!!!!! and iphone applications

August 9, 2008
So like I mentioned I've been loving that Appigo Todo list. I think assigning dates to tasks, even arbitrary ones, helps create an appropriate sense of urgency and I'm getting things done that I wouldn't without such a system. And it's funny, Palm had added due dates, but because it didn't collate things in a sensible way (here's what's overdue, here's what's due today, due tomorrow, next 7 days, future) I never assigned dates to tasks, because after all most everything is due "as soon as you can get around to it"...

It's funny how system and software can modify your outlook. Between finally getting a really good ToDo app and also being a good mechanism for adding to my Twitter-based sidebar, I finally have a device that's as core to my life (maybe even more so!) as my Palm was before 2000, when I gave it up as a journal because of the overlap with what I was doing on this website.

News of the Moment
Er, I wasn't sure if this should have been my hold everything sole part of the kisrael entry but holy frickin' cow, Georgia declares war on Russia??? I'm not even going to for the stupid "what will happen to Atlanta?" type jokes, and just wonder, is this as hold-everything omigosh as it might look?

If nothing else, it's almost refreshing for Georgia to declare war, I'm getting sick of metaphorical "War on ____"s and Police Action and "Conflicts" every from our country...

Oh, and Olympics. Yay. I can't believe how blasé I've become about them... I think the 2 years, Winter Games, 2 years, Summer Games schedule hurts that, because now every other year, something is going on.

Game of the Moment
Galcon on iPhone
For PC and, I found out much to my delight, iPhone, Galcon is pretty nifty. (It's kind of one of those things where I'm late to party, I guess it's gotten a fair amount of attention especially for an "Indy" game.)

It's a very back-to-basics RTS (Real Time Strategy) game, a bit like Risk in real time, with Asteroids Ships. (Also a bit like that Dice Wars game I was so enamored of a while back.) You capture planets by throwing ships from your spacefleet at them, the bigger the planet the more ships it produces for you, while your opponent does the same. Its simplicity is such that it kind of feels just like the game I would have envisioned back in the day...

I especially enjoy how the sound effects in the iPhone game are blatantly the programmer or his buddy recording little "kapow! kapow!" effects in a microphone... I can totally get behind that.