lets all sing like the birdies sing

August 11, 2008
One strategy that has worked well for me on the loveblender is to make one improvement every month, every time I put out a new digest. Sometimes it's visible to the users, other times it's an improvement to my behind-the-scenes workflow. Sometimes it's major, but if I'm pressed for time it's allowed to be trivial, it just has to be something.

This idea seems to work pretty well. I like the shades-of-grayness of it; the Blender would still be chugging along without this kind of attention, but slowly I can make the site better for myself and for the visitors and regulars there.

I might see if I can use my new found Todo app mojo to get through some other large, multifaceted tasks I've been putting off, like truly resettling and unpacking my room. For the moment, I've sacrificed my galley kitchen as a catch area, but I know how easy it is to never get to reclaiming space like that. But if I said "one apartment improvement a day", ideally tackling a milk crate but it could be more trivial than that, I think I might make a lot of progress to getting where I want to be.

Poem of the Moment
Glory be
sour apples
sweet tea,
white lies
thigh highs
chris on the Blender, "(Almost) Like the Baptists Say"
He's been one of the most consistent and best writers on the Blender...

I love this little bonbon but my favorite work this month was One year by twinkle, such a balance of detail and abstraction, a sensuality without being explicit, the nuanced emotional tone...

Also this month I reviewed my friend Christa's book iDo, all about wedding planning online. Seemed like a pretty good and smart approach to it all, not that I have any kind of plans those lines in the foreseeable future...

Video of the Moment

--Wow, Nature is AMAZING

Listlessly reading "Tender is the Night", reviewing with "Spark Notes" -- funny noting the plot details they leave out (on purpose?)
Bush @ The Olympics. "I don't see America as having problems". "Once religion gets started in a country it can't be stopped." Oy.
I want to make a terribly stupid and cheeseball fanfiction "When Bernie Mac meets Isaac Hayes in Heaven"
katwinx no direct link alas but http://www.globz.net/ - click on green pac-man box and then "the dancer". That's all I see with these guys.
In my experience it's not a good sign when the guy at the restaurant counter has to use the menu for prep instructions.
Lately I've been noticing when you can see someone and their reflection at the same time, how different the mood and look of the 2 can be...