August 12, 2008
I wrote a small webapp to keep a list of "links to get back to" on my startpage. While adding or changing a link is password protected, recently I changed it so that viewing a link from it was not.

It turns out that I had the "link follow" bit protected because of another cute trick I put in, that of moving a just-followed link to the top of the list so that I could pay attention to what links I was following most regularly and maybe put them on the main part of the page.

Now that it's open to the world, I find that other people are following many of the links. I'm not sure if it's people or 'Bots doing the following.

Continuing my Todo kick: One link was to my great big project To-Do list from March of 2005. I just updated that; it was gratifying that a number of additional things I could strike off, and another number I put into italics to indicate its slipped from relevance, either the context or my level of interest in it had changed to much.

Video of the Moment

--Mr.Ibis sent me this link, Tuba Battles. It's... it's... kind of like the movie "Drumline", but terrible. I am so grateful not to be in that tunnel...

Seeing the array of "related videos" I guess this is kind of a "thing", but it seems like the biggest emphasis is on sheer blatty volume, kind of like that dB drag racing, where competitors just see how inhumanely loud of a fixed-pitch tone they can generate.

Sometimes they'd get their acts together and put together a decent and/or menacing bassline, but... hmmm.

Quote of the Moment
"Text processing has made it possible to right-justify any idea, even one which cannot be justified on any other grounds."
--Silicon Wisdom @twitter.

Leonovo laptops are better because their crash recovery is a boring button and their competitor offers a warp with a satyr + fruit basket?