bed bath and beyawn

August 13, 2008
Wow, mundanity ahoy!

Finally got around to Bed Bath Beyond last night. I have a fair amount of closet space, 3 bars worth, but not a lot of shelf or drawer area, so I thought I'd revolutionize my life with those vaguely-Euro pants clip hangers. Then I got some shirt hangers, only this new odd type, rather than the usual tubular plastic, it's like thin metal covered with something velvety. And towels... I hadn't realized how bachelor boy I was at risk of being until my friend pointed out I really didn't offer anything for guests to dry their hands with in the bathroom. And then these "As Seen On TV" Hercules Hooks (Warning: spokesman shouting at you) that seem to be pretty damn good at offering a place to hang stuff with only a small puncture in the wall (though you have to carefully avoid studs and the like.)

I put up one or two of the art pieces I was thinking of, then I put the Olympics up on the wall with the projector, settled into the iJoy chair that I have custody of on behalf of my Aunt, finished off a book I'd been meaning to get through, and fired up a laptop. It felt homey in a way I hadn't experienced in a long while... just kind of nestled in there, and with the art around (even if mostly in stacks against the wall) it really felt like my space. And sometimes it feels like I'm finding a new, good rhythm in life, taking care of issues as they arise and generally feeling like I'm giving myself room for whatever comes next, even if it's more of the same... I guess it's some combination of these Todo apps, finally making progress in the apartment, having a smaller amount of bills to think about, and is happening despite work getting more complicated as I volunteer for a management-ish role for another team.

I might still want to add in a slender Ikea-ish sofa to go with the iJoy and the hide-a-bed loveseat. I'm also tempted to frame the area of wall the projector shines on with art, so that it looks like a mysteriously blank area that only makes sense when the projector is on.

Link of the Moment
A friend of mine, recently transported to Pittsburgh, has started a restaurant blog there. The prognosis ain't too good so far.

Passage of the Moment
He remembered once when the grass was damp and she came to him on hurried feet, her thin slippers drenched with dew. She stood upon his shoes nestling close and held up her face, showing it as a book open at a page.

"Think how you love me," she whispered, "I don't ask you to love me always like this, but I ask you to remember. Somewhere inside me there'll always be the person I am tonight."
Tender is the Night, F.Scott Fitzgerald.
In the end, my feelings about this book are mixed... it felt like a slog, even though it was punctuated with some beautifully executed scenes. It took me two weeks of subway reading (well, that includes a few days skimming the Blender review) and I felt mostly every bit of it.

Another line I liked:
Nearby, some Americans were saying good-by in voices mimicking the cadence of water running into a large old bathtub
Reminded me of this one roadtrip I took after college and sharing a shower with my travel companion, an old clawfoot tub in the middle of my buddy's large bathroom.

Ugh, I'm such a nostalgic!
NO MORE FOLDING PANTS FOR ME! Nothing but Euro-ish "pants clamps" hangers. Trouble is, no idea if legs or waistband go better up...
"I worry that Taoism lets a bad man justify his badness; 'That's just my path'" "Do you know many bad man Taoists?" "No..." "So why worry?"
<3 spaghetti straps