bumblebee mafia

August 17, 2008

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bumblebee mafia - source - built with processing

My entry for Klik of the Month Klub #14: bumblebee mafia!

(I didn't have time to make it a game in terms of game overs or points or, if I actually want to start making games instead of toys, waves.)

Press any key or the mouse button to raise the water cannon and try to splash the bees into the ground...

I'm happy with how pretty it turned out...

The title came from this exchange on Gamer's Quarter between Harveyjames and aderack...
I'd also like to point out that OPA OPA would not be able to fly with those tiny wings.
What are you, the bumblebee mafia?
(The Opa-Opa being the main character of the Fantasty Zone games, and I assume the joke reference is to the idea that Scientists Say Bumblebees Can't Fly But The Bees Don't Know That.)

If anyone's keeping track, this represents a new form factor for my games, 480x320 instead of the old 400x400.

Seems like adults ask two years lots of pedagological questions. But the question of if it was annoying seemed a bit too abstract for EBB.
Jeeziepetes,laptops are decked out like frickin' indy cars these days...6 stickers on the wrist rest of my new tablet PC, incl. one 3-in-1.
So weirdly interface blind sometimes-sure my new laptop had no pgup/down despite seeing/using their alt modes(were hidden w/ function keys)
EB's 2 year old daughter is so happy when I show up, it's kind of heartening.