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August 22, 2008
Ksenia ended up moving to a place a few blocks from "our" old apartment, the one with Miller and JZ in it now. So last night I brought her over a drafting table EB didn't have the space for, and we had coffee, and then I went over to hang with JZ.

The lay out he and Miller have, with a big sheet for a projector screen is pretty amazing, talk about a huge picture... I had been kind of set against doing the office-in-bedroom thing, but the way they now have a seperate living room and dining room makes a lot of sense. So weird seeing rooms and some odd bits of furniture that used to be mine, now in a bit of a different context...

Video of the Moment

--Danny Kaye and Louis Armstrong. My mom forwarded a WMV of this to me. Later in talking about she mentioned seeing Kaye as a speaker at some conference, and after he was perfectly happy to pose for a quick photo, but replied to a request to "smile!" with "I don't have any smiles" - just a real life instance of the melancholy that some bright and funny entertainers can have underneath the facade.

When I was 6 or so, I was running up the stairs so fast I wondered if I was near speed of light. Silly, sure-but I was running REALLY fast.
The Person's Republic of Michael would have ranked fourth in gold medals and been ahead of all but 14 countries in the medal count-NYT8/17
I love that the company Hyundai A. sounds like it's trying to fool people looking for a Honda B. have a car named after the MS spreadsheet