p and vp were walkin' down the street. p got killed who'd be left?

August 23, 2008
Obama/Biden? A bit too much alliteration. EB suggests "O-n-Joe".

Video of the Moment

Poem of the Moment
I like the duck-billed platypus
Because it is anomalous.
I like the way it raises its family
Partly birdly, partly mammaly.
I like its independent attitude.
Let no one call it a duck-billed platitude.
--"The Platypus", Ogden Nash

Newsweek special issue cover: "What Bush Got Right"... must be a pretty thin issue, hardyhar
"So many of my friends are so tired and stressed. So few of them are enjoying their lives. You're about it." EB to me now-yikes, pressure!