photobreak day 2

August 25, 2008
One more day of photos:

EBPnJ (she's getting a bit old to be EBB) and a magnifying glass.

Artsy-ish visual shots:
--EB's floor and moulding with the same "red only" filter as yesterday

--taken from around the same spot, but about straight up at the hallway light.

From EB's basement of mystery-- an empty jug with an unironic skull and bones label of "poison"! Soon to be a decoration in my apartment 'cause, hey, you never know.

After coming up with the "The Dude a-Bidens" as gtalk status, I realize I really need to see the "The Big Lebowski" again, and soon.
Bummed and bugged at how my current amigos have so little human empathy for certain of my former romantic interests.
I can't think of a single person I hate.