photobreak day 1

August 24, 2008
Time for photos!

Dang, just can't resist red in that "Color Accent" mode... this from my rained out visit to Fenway.

Boston's Chinatown Dunkin Donuts. I'm bummed out that the Dunkies and McDs there have some localized stylings but a bog-standard menu.

Gender-typed Garlic?

Just an odd view, walking to the back of EB's house from the shed; after a year and a half of toiling, seeing lights shining from every floor, while not the most eco-correct message, was kind of touching.

A bit of wisdom my mom picked up in NYC, echoed today at New Brothers Deli in Danvers: Greeks really know how to run a good restaurant.
The Team USA "Redeem Team": because "hadn't won a gold medal 'since 2000'" sounded so much more harsh than 'since the time before last'