nothing unreal exists. kirk israel exists.

August 27, 2008
So in yesterday's comments my mom gave me some nice feedback on my new furniture:
Nice choice....form, function, them all!
Though my aunt gave me the other side of her reaction to the photo, a bit truthier...
Is his whole apartment that neat?
My aunt just laughed. (Hey, I'm working on it!)

Convo of the Moment
I had my status set to the Star Trek IV philosophical throwaway line "Nothing Unreal Exists" (partially in response to JZ's "Everything happens")
sam: square root of negative 1 an unreal thing that exists
kirk: well, it's REALLY unreal, see
sam: this is akin to the argument that there is no cause of death that isn't natural
sam: He was decapitated. naturally, he died.
kirk: right, or there's nothing that's not "from nature", since humanity comes from nature
sam: I love that one too
sam: "I only want my kids to eat natural stuff"
sam: "Like plutonium?"
kirk: heh
kirk: only if it's freshly mined
kirk: none of that centrifuged stuff
sam: no no... only organics for me and my family.
sam: or fruitarian plutonium... the kind that falls from space.
kirk: heheheh
sam: I guarantee... you eat a good helping of plutonium, you'll be full for the rest of your life.

Slideshow of the Moment
Slate on Information Visualization, a kind of neat field of representing data in more human friendly visual forms. I've been doing some of this at work, and dig it. It's even more fun when you kind of useful bits of interactivity, rather than just generating static images (though conversely, I've seen some cases where interaction forced a lot of clicking etc, for information that maybe could have better been provided in a skimmable, "at a glance" form.)

Jeez over the past year my back bay office building has lost a hairdressers, a crappy cell store, custom framers, now the chocoateers?
Sometimes it's tough not feel weirdly elevator-smug about working on the tenth floor -- oh you work on floor six? I pity you.
katwinx Not in my building you don't! I hope. Or these elevators got some 'splainin to do! (On the other hands, those 11th floor jerks!)
It's always summer in GoogleMapsLand. Seriously, I kind of wish they had autumn or winter editions.