turf war

August 28, 2008
The other day I found this entertaining bit of bus stop advertising:

That seems to be real fake turf! Its the first bit of billboard advertising I've been compelled to touch.

Then today I found this striking billboard near work for the game "Spore":

Finally, this is probably one of the less impressive of a series of photohops for the New England Aquarium's "Sharks and Rays" exhibit...

...but I am so charmed by the subtle typography cleverness of the title presentation:

Quote of the Moment
Furthermore, [writers who say "I know it's not a real word"] are giving up one of their inalienable rights as English speakers: the right to create new words as they see fit. Part of the joy and pleasure of English is its boundless creativity: I can describe a new machine as bicyclish, I can say that I'm vitamining myself to stave off a cold, I can complain that someone is the smilingest person I've ever seen, and I can decide, out of the blue, that fetch is now the word I want to use to mean "cool." By the same token, readers and listeners can decide to adopt or ignore any of these uses or forms.
--Erin McKean on the flexibility of English and its user-modable parts.

Maybe it's no coincidence that English and capitalism seem to go together, both tend to accept new concepts and absorb or subvert them for its own purposes... (I was reading the comic "Action Philosophers" on Karl Marx, and he recognized this property... get rich selling Che t-shirts, what do we care?)

proposed bumper sticker: "I've driven drunker than this" --D
cmgaglione maybe the "bunny" from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, with "big, pointy teeth" and all that? ;-)
Looking at the small burbly fountain at park plaza arlington... you can't really track indv. droplets; it's a bit like a series of strobes
For me the weird thing about the site "photoshop disasters" is how many of them I wouldn't notice in the wild. We see what we expect to see.